Your Information

We need to know some things about you. There are laws to make sure your information is kept private. These laws say:

• how we can collect information
• how we store information
• who can see your information
• what we do with your information

This factsheet explains how we follow those laws, respect your privacy, and what you can do to make sure your privacy is respected.

We will protect your information and only use it for the right reasons, and only show the right people. The people who work with you need to see your
information. It helps them deliver better services.

We will only share your information if:

• you give permission to share it, or
• we are very worried about your safety, or
• if the law requires us to share it.

You can see your information too. Just ask us.

Your personal information belongs to you. We need your permission to collect information about you. And to share your information. You don’t have to give permission.

Your information helps us provide good and safe services. We only ask for information we need. We will tell you why we need it.

That includes photos and videos too. If you don’t understand why we need
information, it’s OK to ask us.

If your information is not correct, we may be unable to do a good job.

Please give us the correct information and help us keep it up-to-date.

If your personal information changes, please let us know. Moved house? New phone number? New service provider? New contact? Remember to tell us.

We will also check your information regularly and update it.

It is OK to Complain

If we don’t respect your rights, tell us:

Write to us at: Stepping Stones Therapy for Children
PO Box 455, The Junction, NSW 2291
Phone us at: (0249) 512 116

You can contact the NDIS Commission:
Phone: 1800 035 544 TTY: 133 677. Interpreters can be arranged.

Advocates can help you complain:
Email them at:
Write to: Disability, Employment and Carers Group
Department of Social Services
GPO Box 9820, Canberra ACT 2601
Finder service:

Privacy-related complaints can also be reported to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, by phoning 1300 363 992 or writing to the Director of Complaints, Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, GPO Box 5218, Sydney NSW 1042.

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