Occupational Therapy for Teens

Occupational Therapy for Teens in Newcastle, Charlestown, Merewether & Toronto

The teen years are an exciting time of growing autonomy and independence for children. Some teens really thrive with a little bit of extra support during this period to ensure they’re reaching potential and participating fully in all aspects of their life.

Stepping Stones can support teens with:

  • Making and keeping friends
  • Arranging social outings with friends
  • Transitioning to high school
  • Participating fully in the classroom and playground
  • Having the independence skills to attend school camp
  • Developing good study routines for high school
  • Community management skills (e.g.: filling in forms, going shopping, taking holidays etc)
  • Managing public transport
  • Budgeting
  • Household management skills (e.g.: cooking, cleaning up, paying bills etc)
  • Preparing for getting a casual job

We support teens up until 18 years of age.

Looking to help your child develop the skills & confidence they need to flourish?

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