Online Therapy (Telehealth)

Online Therapy (Telehealth) Australia Wide

In order to provide maximum flexibility for children and families, Stepping Stones offers assessments and intervention sessions via telehealth.

You might be wondering what telehealth is? Telehealth is where we deliver our services to your child online. This can be done using the video on your smartphone, IPad/ tablet, laptop or desktop computer. This means that your child can receive therapy in the comfort of their own homes, without the need to travel into the clinic.

If your child has a telehealth appointment, we will send you a link to our meeting. You simply click on that link, and it will take you to the meeting. It’s as simple as that!

  • Parents feel more confident to include therapy ideas at home after the session is finished;
  • Convenience;
  • Less time in the waiting room;
  • Cost-efficiency (you don’t have to pay for our therapists to travel to you);
  • Continuation of therapy when it’s not possible to get to the clinic (e.g.: COVID-19 social distancing, illness, or if you’re having car troubles).

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Telehealth Initial Assessment is much the same as an in-person assessment, with a parent consult and then a session for the Occupational Therapist to meet with you and your child together. Depending on your child’s unique circumstances, we may email or post some online assessments to be completed, or send you a list of simple resources you may need to have available.

Our Occupational Therapist may send you links to online assessments, or post out a resource pack. We may ask you to have some items ready that you likely already have at home, such as a tape measure or ruler, pencils, cutlery, play doh, paper, or tape. You will require a device such as a laptop, desktop, or tablet with a camera and microphone, capable of using Microsoft Teams (via app or browser). You will need a space in your home, school or community that is private, safe, quiet, has good lighting and will allow your child to focus without distraction as much as possible.

This will depend on your child’s goals, however therapy activities can include real life activities being modeled by our therapists and copied by your child, videos, games, presentations and more! We also schedule regular 1:1 parent coaching sessions to review goal progress and provide strategy and support for home, school and community environments. It is also possible to schedule telehealth sessions within school, so long as your child’s school are supportive if this.

Here at Stepping Stones, we take a family and supporter-centered approach to Occupational Therapy. For the initial assessment, we ask that a parent or carer be present to help administer some of the assessment tasks. For ongoing sessions, in most cases it will be beneficial to have a responsible adult present to assist with completing tasks or providing technical support. Your Occupational Therapist will consult with you regarding your individual needs.

As an NDIS registered provider, we can see NDIS clients who are Agency Managed, Plan Managed, or Self Managed. We accept privately funded clients, as well as Medicare registered providers for Team Care Arrangements and Private Health insurance claims. Please check with your GP or Private Health fund for details.

Yes, we charge for indirect time for activities the therapist does outside of a face to face session, such as session preparation, resource development, individualised research, progress notes, emails and phone calls relating to the client in line with the NDIS Price Guide.

How can we start? Book your intial parent consult online and our friendly admin team will then be in touch with further details!

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