Occupational Therapy for School Aged Children

Occupational Therapy for Pre/ School Aged Children in Newcastle, Charlestown, Merewether & Toronto

Childhood is an exciting time of rapid growth and development in all facets of life. For most children this process seems effortless and happens almost automatically. For other children, however, it’s not so easy. Some children just need a little extra help to ensure that they can develop their independence and ability to participate fully in all aspects of their life.

Occupational therapists can help preschool and school aged children across a range of different daily life skills including developing participation and independence skills at home, school and out in the community.

Occupational therapists can help preschool and school aged children across a range of different daily life skills.

School Aged Children

If you are concerned with any of the following areas of your School Aged Children's development, Stepping Stones can help:


  • Picky or restricted eating
  • Using cutlery

Hygiene and personal care

  • Getting dressed
  • Tying shoelaces
  • Toileting
  • Bathing
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Hair washing/ cutting
  • Tolerating nails being cut

Chores/ routines

  • Following morning and evening routines
  • Tidying and organising their bedroom and belongings
  • Preparing simple meals or snacks

Classroom participation:

  • Handwriting
  • Using scissors, glustick and other classroom tools
  • Attention and focus
  • Sitting for desk work or floor-time
  • Organising bookwork and desk space
  • Following the classroom routine


  • Eating lunch/ recess
  • Socialising with peers
  • Playing organised playground activities
  • Accessing playground equipment


  • Understanding the rules of games
  • Developing the physical coordination and endurance needed to participate
  • Developing sportsmanship and managing winning and losing

In the Community:

  • Playing team sports or other extra-curricular activities:
  • Having an understanding of what opportunities are available to them
  • Developing the physical coordination skills
  • Understanding the rules and expectations
  • Following routines

Going to the shops:

  • Going shopping
  • Using money
  • Tolerating the various sensory aspects of shopping centers

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