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We run a range of school holiday groups for children. All of our groups are designed to be fun, at the same time as building children’s social skills, self-esteem and a “can do” attitude.

Our school holiday groups program will be listed here in Week 6 of each term.

Nature Buffs – Bushwalking Scavenger Hunt

Nature Buffs is our popular bushwalking group. With the support of our enthusiastic and skillful OT’s, children can explore a variety of outdoor environments in a safe and friendly way. This group aims to develop problem solving skills, resilience, and executive functioning, as children build new friendships in the great outdoors. Sign-up now to help your child build their confidence in a new setting and explore nature!

Age group: 7-10 years

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Venue: TBA

Picnic in The Park

Join us for a picnic in the park and nature based scavenger hunt! With the support of our OT’s, children can work together to solve clues, explore the outdoors and make new friends. This group will have your children developing problem solving skills, emerging independence and social skills, as they work together to use the clues to solve the puzzles. Register now!

Age group: 6-9 years

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School Readiness Groups

Join our school readiness group to make some friends and get ready for ‘big school’ in 2024!
This short block of 2 hours sessions is led by our caring and experienced OT’s and will support your child’s development of the skills required for Kindergarten: fine motor, social, language development, gross motor, sensory processing and regulation, and self-care.

Age group: 5 years

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Tiny Tippers

Tiny Tippers is our popular Touch Football group. Guided by skillful and enthusiastic OT’s, children have the opportunity to make new friends and participate in a team sport. Group members will have so much fun while they improve their motor skills, physical coordination, social skills, and touch football specific skills. It’s all about having fun! Sport can be such a valuable experience for kids. Register now to help your child build their confidence on a touch football field and be part of a team.

Age group: 6-9 years

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Weird Science

Weird Science is back once again! This exciting science group is guided by our caring and skillful OT’s, children can make friends while participating in fun experiments and discovering their inner love of learning. This group focuses on flexible thinking, planning and problem-solving skills, executive functioning, sequencing and following instructions as group members learn fun facts about science. Sign your budding scientist up today!

Age group: 7-10 years

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Dungeons and Dragons

“The Mayor of Helmsford has issued a call for help! Brave adventurers are needed to hunt down the nasty thieves who have stolen the town’s most valuable treasure. Will YOU answer the call?”

Join us for an epic quest as our group of brave adventurers work together to solve problems, fight the bad guys, and – hopefully – return the loot and gain their just reward!

Led by the Dungeon Master, and supported by an Occupational Therapist, those brave enough to join the adventure will have the opportunity to build on social and emotional skills, develop confidence, practice conflict resolution and negotiation using both verbal and non-verbal communication. Sharing, teamwork and turn-taking will be encouraged and developed, as will creativity and joint problem solving.

Set in a fantasy medieval world of monsters and magic, the program will utilise a simplified set of Dungeons and Dragons (5th edition) rules. Prior experience or familiarity with Dungeons and Dragons is not required!

This program runs weekly for 10 weeks after school hours.

Age group: 11-16 years

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