Occupational Therapy for Babies & Toddlers

Occupational Therapy for Babies & Toddlers in Newcastle, Charlestown, Merewether & Toronto

There is a growing body of research that tells us that intervention is likely to be more effective when it’s provided earlier in life rather than later 1. This is especially so in the first three years of a child’s life. This is because only about 15% of a baby’s brain is actually connected up when they’re born. But, by the time they turn three, most of the remaining 85% of their brain has formed important connections that will take them through their life2. This is why therapy is so important during this crucial period where children’s brains are still under construction.

Early intervention, when done right, can change the child’s developmental path and improve their outcome. This means that they can get more out of life and reach their potential!

Why Act Early if You’re Concerned about Development? | CDC
Baby Brain Map • ZERO TO THREE

Early intervention, when done right, can change the child’s developmental path and improve their outcome.

Babies & Toddlers

If you are concerned with any of the following areas of your baby/toddler’s development, Stepping Stones can help:

Delayed milestones such as:

  • Rolling
  • Sitting
  • Crawling
  • Walking
  • General clumsiness
  • Development of play skills such as difficulties with:
  • Manipulating toys with hands
  • Using their two hands together (e.g.: clapping, banging blocks together)
  • Completing age-appropriate puzzles
  • Limited play interests

Behavioural or social challenges that impact their participation, such as:

  • Struggling with frequently emotional outbursts and needing more support than is typical to calm down
  • Difficulties with interactions with other children
  • Being overly sensitive to touch stimulation– for example they may dislike being cuddled, having their hair washed or brushed, being un/dressed, getting messy, or being tickled (or other light touch).
  • Being overly sensitive to movement stimulation – for example they may dislike rough and tumble play, dislike going on swings/ trampolines etc
  • Other types of anxiousness – for example they may be overly fretful in new environments, struggle to separate from their parents, being overly sensitive to certain sounds, or need more support than other children to calm themselves.

Looking to help your child develop the skills & confidence they need to flourish?

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