Sensory Tools that won’t break the bank!

Blog written by Divya (OT)

If your child is accessing occupational therapy (OT), you have probably heard the term sensory tools or fidgets being mentioned. Simply put, sensory tools are specially designed to stimulate one or more of the senses. These tools are generally recommended by OT’s to support children to be more calm and regulated. Some of these tools can be discrete and used without others noticing, whilst others may be larger and more obvious, providing even more sensory input. You may think sensory tools may be a bit pricey, but our good old trusty friend Kmart has such a great range of different sensory tools at quite an affordable price. Today I am lucky enough to show you my top 4 favourite Kmart finds when it comes to sensory toys!

1. Toymania Fidget Fun Box Ultimate 12 Fidget Set – $9.

This fun box is an absolute bargain and who doesn’t love a bargain! Just for $9 you can buy your child a set of 12 fidget tools. All the items are small in size, which makes it perfect in a classroom setting without drawing major attention from surrounding peers. Some of these fidgets require your child to stretch the fidget tool, whilst other require your child to squeeze the tool. Some require twisting and turning, whilst others require zipping and unzipping. So many sensory choices! If you are unsure of what sensory tools and toys may be the most effective for your child, I would definitely recommend giving the Toymania Fidget Fun Box Set a go as for $9 you get a wide variety of different tools which you can explore with your child.


2. Weighted Plush Toy – $20.

Who doesn’t love a plush toy, and who honestly can deny the comfort they provide!? You may have seen on other websites or stores, weighted plush toys come at a high cost, however Kmart is saving the day! Kmart has a range of weighted plush toys for only $20. Weighted plush toys have numerous benefits. The weight of the plush toy can provide your child with deep pressure which can be a calming sensation, very similar to a tight hug.


3. Gym Ball – $10.

In OT sessions, you may have seen your child’s OT rolling a large peanut ball over your child with appropriate pressure (depending on what your child needs and requests) whilst they are lying down. You may have noticed the instant calmness that your child experiences after completing this activity. You may have even wanted to replicate this at home to help your child regulate and remain regulated. Well lucky for you, Kmart has large gym balls for a low cost of $10. Rolling the large gym ball over your child provides the same deep pressure that is provided by a weighted plush toy. The gym ball can also be used to complete heavy work which is also calming and regulating for little nervous systems. This can be achieved by your child lying on the gym ball on their belly and walking on their hands back and forwards. Always go gently and check that you child is comfortable with this activity.


Junior Actions Dice – $6.

This is my final recommendation and favourite from Kmart. This is perfect for your movement seeking child who needs some redirecting with how to use their energy. The Junior Actions Dice is $6 at Kmart. It can be used in a variety of ways, with the child playing independently, or taking turns with peers or siblings to roll the dice and complete the activities. Some of the actions on the dice include star jumps, clapping, hands on hips, dancing, and touching your toes.


On your next Kmart run, have a look at the wonderful sensory tools they have. Sensory tools can have great effects on children to assist with regulation, attention, and engagement. You may have thought before reading this blog post that these tools would be super expensive and not affordable, but our good old friend Kmart is providing the goods for a low and affordable price!

Prices valid at 15/5/2023 as quoted Kmart Australia – Low Prices for Life – Kmart

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