Viv fb adStarting school is an exciting and pivotal time in a child’s life. As parents we want this to be a positive experience for our children, so that they can flourish and grow with confidence throughout their school years. There is much that we can do to prepare our children for the transition of starting school – I plan to do an in-depth blog on this very soon so watch this space.

Stepping Stones has designed a School Ready Check for children in Newcastle NSW Australia who will be starting school within the next 6 months. It’s a 30minute screening assessment conducted by a Registered Children’s Occupational Therapist. The purpose is to check that your child is developing all the necessary skills to prepare them for the classroom. The key areas that the check covers include:

  • Pencil grasp
  • Scissor skills
  • Dexterity and manipulation skills
  • Pre-writing and drawing skills
  • Organisational skills
  • Self-care skills
  • Attention/ concentration

The assessment is done in a fun and child friendly way, so it won’t be too much of a chore for your pre-schooler.

After the assessment you will receive a summary of the School Ready Check with an outline of your childs’ strengths and possible areas for development. This will help you to know which areas to focus on as you continue to prepare your child for school.

To book your child in for a School Ready Check or to find out more about Stepping Stones Therapy for Children please contact us.

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