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Available Across Australia – Telehealth & On-site in Newcastle, NSW from 29th January

  • Is Your Child finding it challenging to cope with Vocal and/or Motor Tics?
  • Do they have Tourette Syndrome or a tic disorder?
  • Have they faced long waiting times for therapy, but then struggled with therapists who don’t fully grasp their unique needs?
  • Unsure how to support your child’s emotional regulation and confidence in social settings?

Our Tic Clinic is here to help!
At Stepping Stones Therapy for Children, we understand the distinct challenges faced by children with motor and vocal tics. Our world leading Occupational Therapy Tic Clinic has been designed using the latest research in occupational therapy to empower children with tics to develop sensory and self-regulation strategies to manage their tics more effectively, enabling them to flourish at home, in school, and within the community.

Why Choose Our Clinic?

  • Experienced Therapists: Spearheaded by Dr. Nicolette Soler PhD, a globally recognised occupational therapist and clinical researcher with extensive experience in the areas of tics.
  • Flexible Options: Opt for convenient telehealth services or visit us in Newcastle, NSW.
  • Comprehensive Assessment: We have designed a tailored assessment process that we use to develop a personalised therapy plan.
  • Skill Enhancement: We provide targeted interventions aimed at supporting self-regulation, sensory processing, and overall confidence to manage tics.
  • We believe in a multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach to supporting children and young people with tics.
  • We are invested in on going research and provide our clients with the latest and best practice assessment and treatment options.

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From January 29th, our Tic Clinic will begin transforming lives. Appointments are limited. Register today to join our priority list and secure an early appointment for your child.

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