Sensory Therapy: An Introduction for Occupational Therapists

Are you an Occupational Therapist trying to find your confidence with sensory therapy? We have you covered!

This webinar will help you to understand:

How sensory processing impacts behaviour;
What sensory modulation is;
What the Power Senses are and why they are so important;
How to use the Power Senses to design a Sensory Diet with confidence.
NB: This pre-recorded webinar is designed for early career OT’s and OT Students wanting to develop their confidence with sensory therapy.

This webinar will take you though what sensory integration is and how sensory processing impacts a child’s independence and participation in daily activities. It will also explore the evidence for sensory therapy and why sensory diets are the preferred sensory intervention. We will unpack sensory diets for you and how to develop sensory diets to support the children on your caseload. There will be lots of practical tips and tricks for occupational therapists along the way.

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